These simple optical fiber welding machine fault analysis and processing. The scene to solve!

by:Tumtec      2020-03-31
These simple optical fiber welding machine fault analysis and processing. The scene to solve! Welding machine in use process will appear some fault, some things can be solved on the spot, to master some tips can not delay. Appeared in the process of welding machine in welding 'can't find the fiber or fiber surface is not clean. This first because the optical system is contaminated surface, the camera lens should be cleaned with anhydrous alcohol ( Located under the electrode) , cleaning pressure fiber together with mirrors. The ratio of alcohol dry again after welding. If the fault can't be ruled out, the machine needs maintenance repair service center. Welding machine in welding process appeared 'fiber migration is too big' or imaging fiber core coarse and fine fiber core. The leading cause of this situation because of V groove groove is caused by dirt, needs to clean the V groove. When cleaning with anhydrous alcohol for cleaning, can use toothpick or high pressure within the tank on stolen goods gas cleaning, pay attention to, not with solid objects to cleaning operations, V groove so simple formation damage of V groove. This method can be used to clean bare fiber along the v groove between the longitudinal wipe. If after cleaning can't eliminate 'fiber migration is too large, the drive recovery, also can't repair, the artificial regulation demand repair service center. Fiber found in welding process, welding, some abnormal discharge electrode non-uniform. This first because the tip of the electrode is oxidation, because the tip is the presence of oxide, makes the electrode discharge evenly, welding quality is bad. Demand for cleaning electrode ( Can be used to wash dishes steel wire ball light conflict) 。 If not normal discharge after cleaning, needs replacing electrode. Under normal circumstances, the electrodes in welding 500 times or so he needs to clean the electrode, with about 3500 times the demand to replace the new electrode. Please use the original factory when replacing electrode electrode, the use of other can't guarantee the normal work of the function of welding electrodes, it might damage the welding machine. Prompt replacement electrode welding machine. This is because the set up a prompt replacement electrode welding machine Settings, please clean the electrode when present prompts to replace electrode may replace, can enter the welding machine with parameters set in this change, the prompt replacement electrode number for 3500 times. Changing the electrode discharge must be done after correction.
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