To reduce the power optical fiber splicing loss

by:Tumtec      2020-04-07
Reduce the loss of optical fiber welding measures in place of cable shall be carried out in a neat environment are strictly prohibited in the dusty and humid environment outdoor operation, optical parts and tool, the material should be kept clean, shall not make optical fiber connector be affected with damp be affected with damp, cutting the fiber must be clean, must not have dirt. Cutting fiber may not be in the air after the exposure time is too long especially in dusty in the moist environment. Choose experienced personnel trained fiber connection for welding now mostly optical welding machine automatic welding, but in place of personnel level directly affects the size of the loss. Personnel should be in strict accordance with the optical flow process diagram in welding process, welding and welding process should be as she fused by OTDR contact in the loss. Should fail to meet the requirements to welding, the welding loss value larger point, repeatedly welding number with 3 ~ 4 times advisable, dogan optical fiber splicing loss is bigger, can cut off a cable to cable welding. Selects the high precision optical fiber end face of the cutter to the preparation of optical fiber end face, loss of optical fiber end face of the good or bad will directly affect the welding size, cutting the fiber should be flat mirror, no burr, no defect. The axis of the fiber end face Angle should be less than 1 degree, high precision optical fiber end face of the cutter not only improve the success rate of the optical fiber cutting can also improve the quality of the optical fiber end face. The OTDR test can't melt contact ( The OTDR test blind spot) And optical fiber maintenance and repair is particularly important. Fiber should be the correct use of welding machine, welding machine's function is to fuse two optical fibers to together, so the correct use of optical fiber welding machine is the important measure to reduce the loss of fiber connection. Correct reasonably set depending on the type of optical fiber welding parameters, the pre discharge current, time and andadministrative electric current, andadministrative electric time, etc. , and in the use and remove the dirt in the optical fiber welding machine in time after use, in particular, when the fixture, the mirror and v groove of dust and fiber pulverized removal. Before each use should make optical fiber welding machine in welding environment placed at least 15 minutes, especially in a place with a greater difference between using the environment ( As well as indoor and outdoor) in winter , according to the time of the pressure, temperature and humidity environment, reset the fiber discharge voltage and discharge position of welding machine, and to reset the v groove drives, etc. As far as possible on a route using the same batch of high quality famous brand bare fiber for the same batch of optical fiber, the mode field diameter, fiber after disconnection, at some point between the two ends of mode field diameter can be seen as consistent, thus breaking point welding can make the mode field diameter on the influence of optical fiber splicing loss to a minimum extent. So required cable manufacturer home bare fiber, the batch according to the requirements of continuous production, cable length on each plate of order number and distinguish A and B side, can not jump. When laying optical cable need to be confirmed according to the number along the routing order of cloth, and ensure the front coil and A plate after the B end of the cable to cable connected to A terminal, to ensure that succeeded in breaking point when welding, and welding loss value at little best. Cable in the cable laying construction in accordance with requirements, it is strictly prohibited to cable small circle and discount, twisted, 3 km cable must be more than 80 construction, 4 km must be more than 100 construction, and equipped with 6 ~ 8 walkie-talkie; In addition 'ahead, followed by the cable on the shoulder' method of cable, can effectively prevent the happening of the back button. Traction is not more than 80% of the fiber optic cable allows, the instantaneous maximum traction force does not exceed 100%, traction should add in the fiber reinforcement. Apply to put cable should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of fiber optic cable construction to a minimum to reduce the risk of fiber optic cable construction of damaged, the optical fiber core damage caused by welding loss increased.
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