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Tumtec Fiber Fusion Machine Anti-drop Test


Hello, everyone. Now I'm going to show you a test of Tumtec fiber optic fusing machine FST-16H anti-drop.Drop the fusion splicer from a 1-meter high table in a boot state.Now turn on the 16H, drop it from this Angle,


And you can see that the welding machine is still intact,The fusion splicer is now in a shutdown state because of the huge momentum,Now we turn it on. You can see that the screen of the fusion machine is still intact after being dropped from 1-meter height.


Tumtec tester will show you a test on site of the fusion splicer FST-16H anti-drop.Place the fiber prepared by Tumtec fiber cleaver A9 onto the fixture of the splicing machine,You can see the splicing proves is very smoothly, and its completed in 6s.


The splicing effect is also very good even seen in zooming in state,The overall loss is also relatively low, about 0.01.


Therefore, the anti-drop test of Tumtec fusion splicer is done successfully.

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