Using and maintenance of optical fiber welding machine battery ( A)

by:Tumtec      2020-07-04
Under normal circumstances, the welding machine new lithium battery factory when power is empty, suggested that the charge first and then use. Welding machine battery should pass 3 - commonly 4 times of charging and use, to play to the best performance, met many friends first charging small problems, for example, after the first charge discharge times not so much? In the 3 - After 5 times of charging and use are solved. Long filling deep but some people will ask, is filling the longer battery life is longer? Any form of overcharge lithium ion battery will was badly damaged by the battery performance and even explode. Lithium-ion batteries in charging process required to avoid the battery overcharge. Long will likely lead to overcharge, and lithium battery or charger will automatically stop after the battery. That is to say, if your lithium battery, after full on the charger is Bai Chong. Battery life: lithium ion battery can charge and discharge 500 times? Although using lithium electric power supply of the products is very convenient, not constrained in the process, all for first, charging at any time. But there is a battery life, believe that the vast majority of consumers have heard of, the life of the lithium battery is '500', 500 times more than the number of times, the battery will 'die', many friends in order to be able to extend battery life, each time to charge when the battery run out completely, so really have a longer effect on battery life? The answer is no. Lithium battery life is '500', refers not to the number of charge, but a charge and discharge cycles. A charge cycle refers to all the power battery by full use empty, again from empty to full filling process. , for example, a piece of lithium electricity on the first day only half of the battery, then charge for it. If so, the next day with half of the charge, the total charges down, it can only be counted as a charge cycle, instead of two. Often, therefore, may be charging after several times to complete a cycle. Each completed a charge cycle, battery capacity will reduce a little. The power decrease rate is very small, however, the high quality of battery charge cycle for many times, still retains the original capacity of 80%, a lot of lithium electric power products after two or three years later still use as usual. The li-ion battery life in the final and, of course, is still need to be replaced. The so-called 500 times, is refers to the manufacturer at a constant depth of discharge ( Such as 80%) The number of rechargeable 625 times or so, to 500 charge cycles. ( 80% * 625 = 500) ( Ignore the lithium battery capacity reduction etc. ) Due to the various influence of real life, especially when charging the discharge depth is not constant, so '500 charge cycles can only be used as a reference battery life.
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