Using optical fiber welding machine welding detailed steps and matters needing attention!

by:Tumtec      2020-03-24
Using optical fiber welding machine welding detailed steps and matters needing attention! Using optical fiber welding machine for welding construction, the skilled will feel very convenient, but there are many steps need to cause our attention, inadvertently omit some of the steps, or no operations in place may make the final fusion result. 1, strip and clean optical fiber optical fiber coating layer this is the first step on the welding of optical fiber, but it is also quite important step, if the cleaning does not reach the designated position can bring a lot of trouble to the back of the welding, such as a dust combustion, optical fiber migration in V groove a fixed position, eventually lead to loss of welding. So when clean fiber needs to pay attention to the following: a. B. use the purity more than 99% of the alcohol. Every time I clean to replace c gauze or a clean paper. Starting by stripping the edge of the coating layer part clean d. Wipe until the 'Q', 'Q' sound wipe again after a few times, use 2 end of the optical fiber cutting processing cutting knife after clean the optical fiber can be cutting, cutting before welding is the purpose of to deal with the end of the fiber, so after cutting Angle will directly affect the weld of loss, and the cutting Angle is too large you will call the police, when welding welding to reduce welding success rate. Cutting process should pay attention to the following: a. Confirm the coating layer not in rubber mat b above. If the rubber pads to glue on both sides of the up and down on the optical fiber scraps dirt, be sure to use alcohol wet clean 3, place the fiber such as cotton swab to the welding machine cutting is finished can put the fiber in our welding machine to the inside, when placed in the optical fiber to the following graphic way to deal with, when placed in the optical fiber has some attention points: a. If coating layer produced inertia bend, bend down direction placed b. To prevent fiber tip deformity or adherent dirt, please do not make the top of the optical fiber and V groove or electrode contact 4, after the welding operation optical fiber in place, you can proceed to our optical fiber welding, welding process will be done by automatic machine, but it also needs to have some attention. 一个。 Confirm discharge through the screen. Discharging, image swung, brightness change, show that discharge is not stable. For [ Discharge correction] ( Stable electrode] , make the discharge stability. b。 Please do not pull fiber when welding. No side can lead to bad welding 5, heat shrinkable tube heating welding is completed and the last step, it is through the heat shrinkable tube parts of the optical fiber bare, also in the process of operation also need to pay attention to place: a. Keep the slight pulling the state of the fiber, the fiber to fiber heater welding machine. b。 Please do not bare fiber parts come into contact with the electrodes and other welding machine other parts of the c. Transfer note don't twist fiber d. Confirm whether melt contact in the center of the heat shrinkable casing e. The center of the heat shrinkable casing placed in the center of the heater
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