Using optical fiber welding machine welding operation and skills!

by:Tumtec      2020-03-26
Using optical fiber welding machine welding operation and skills! The so-called fusion: refers to the two optical fibers in the 'optical fiber welding machine' melt together. So-called strip: refers to getting rid of the optical fiber core of fiber optic cable, and in the meantime includes the outer plastic layer, steel wire, in the middle of the lining of the plastic layer and color paint layer on the surface of the fiber. Cut: refers to the strip is good to be prepared for the welding of the optical fiber end face with 'optical fiber welding machine'. The so-called n: refers to the weld has good optical fiber connector parts with 'heat shrinkable tubes' protected. The preparation of end face end of the optical fiber preparation including strip cladding, clean and cut the link. Qualified optical fiber end face is the necessary condition of weld end face quality directly affect the welding quality. 1. 1 optical fiber coating layer stripping master flat, stable, fast three-word strip method. 'Flat', namely the fiber to be flat. Left thumb and index finger pinched optical fiber, and make it into a horizontal, dew length by 5 cm as it, more fiber in the ring finger, little thumb between natural bending, in order to increase strength, prevent slippage. 'Stability', namely peel fiber pliers to hold steady. 'Fast', namely the peel fiber, peel fiber pliers with optical fiber straight, the direction of the tilt a certain point of view, and then gently with jaw stuck fiber, right hand hard, then along the fiber axial flat out, the whole process to natural and fluent, entity. 1. 2 bare fiber cleaning observation fiber strip is all part of the coating layer stripping, if there is residual should be stripped. If there is a little difficult removal of the coating layer, usable cotton ball dipped in a moderate amount of alcohol, impregnation, and gradually erased. A piece of cotton to change in time after using 2 ~ 3 times, each time to different parts of the use of cotton and level, such as well as utilization rate of progress of cotton, and prevent the fiber's two times pollution. 1. 3 bare fiber cut cut is the most crucial part of the optical fiber end surface preparation, careful, excellent cutting knife is root, strict and scientific practice is the guarantee. ( 1) To choose cutter knife has two kinds of manual and electric. The former brief operation, reliable function, with the advancement of the operator level, cut the power and the quality can be greatly progress, and require the bare fiber is shorter, but the higher requirements to environment temperature difference of the blade. The cutting quality is higher, suitable for cold conditions in the field operation, but operation is mixed and disorderly, speed stability, require a longer bare fiber. The skilled operator at room temperature for fast optical fiber or emergency, it is advisable to use manual cutter; On the other hand, a beginner or when working in the field under the condition of the cold, straight with electric knife. ( 2) Practice operation personnel should be trained to master behavioral essentials and operation specification. First clean cutting knife and adjust the position of the blade and knife put to smooth, cut, the movement wants natural, smooth, not heavy, don't worry, prevent the broken fiber, bevel, burrs, cracks and other bad end. Else, the academic society 'the piano', rational allocation and use their right hand fingers, to that of the corresponding specific parts of the cutter, coordination, progress cut speed and quality. ( 3) Heat shrinkable casing should beware of end face pollution through before strip cladding, is strictly prohibited in the end through after preparation. Bare fiber cleaning, cutting and welding time should be closely connected, not distance is too long, especially the preparation of end face do not have in the air. Moves to should take put down gently, prevent the brush with other objects. In succeeded, should according to the environment, the 'V' shape of the blade groove, clamp, cleaning blade, beware of end surface contamination. Fiber fusion welding is a central part of the work in place of, so high function in the process of welding machine and welding science operation is necessary. 2. 1 the choice of welding machine welding machine selection should be accordance with the requirements of fiber optic cable engineering equipment battery capacity and precision appropriate welding equipment. 2. 2 welding machine welding parameter set before welding on the basis of the material and type of fiber, set up the best premelting main welding current and time and the key parameters such as optical fiber into the amount. Welding process should also be timely cleaning 'V' shaped groove welding machine, electrode, objective, and welding chamber, observe the welding in the presence of air bubbles, carefully, too thick, virtual welding, as well as the separation phenomenon, pay attention to OTDR monitoring results, giving a timely analysis of the cause of the bad in corresponding improving measures. Such as multiple occurrences of virtual melting phenomenon, should view the information fusion of two optical fibers, model match, cutting and welding machine whether be dust pollution, and view the oxide electrodes, if no problem, should be appropriate welding current progress.
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