Want fast welding welding machines to reduce loss what method is there?

by:Tumtec      2020-07-09
1, for some is not clear for welding of fiber types of users, can use the 'AUTO' mode. 2, for the loss of some hope to have a relatively stable welding ( Relative to the fast welding) The user can use the 'AUTO' mode. 3, for some quick welding efficiently single-mode optical fiber and the need to maintain a stable welding depletion of the user, you can use 'SMFAST' mode. 4, for some want to shorten the welding time ( 'AUTO' mode) User, if you know the welding optical fiber type, is based on optical fiber type can use 'SMAUTO', 'MMAUTO' or 'NZAUTO' mode. These unique AUTO mode will skip this step fiber type recognition, so some shorter time needed for the whole welding process. 5, for the loss of some small hope to have * welding users without having to consider other factors, can use 'OtherMode' and specific optical fiber combination optimization of welding conditions and parameters. 6, for some need to users of the optical fiber welding not commonly used, can be in 'OtherMode' select * suitable welding mode. 'AUTO' mode does not cover contains some less use of optical fiber welding parameters.
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