Welding machine clean

by:Tumtec      2020-06-21
Optical fiber optical fiber welding machine welding machine designed specifically for quartz glass optical fiber connection, belongs to the high precision instrument, cannot be used for any other purpose. Welding machine, daily work environment is poor, so for optical fiber welding machine daily cleaning is necessary. 1 microscope clean welding machine with optical image processing system for observation, microscope is not clean, will affect the normal fiber optic observation, lead to welding the effect not beautiful. So you need to regularly clean microscope lens, maintain the cleanliness of the microlens. The cleaning process is as follows: 1, the welding electrical source closed, open windproof cap. 2, with fine cotton swabs with alcohol to wipe gently with microscope lens. 3, wipe with a clean dry cotton residues of alcohol, microscope lens at the same time, confirm its clean without stolen goods. Four, open the welding electrical source, observe whether there is dust on display images, if there is dust, should be clean microscope anew. Note: when cleaning, should avoid touching electrodes, also do not touch the lens with hard objects. 2 V groove clean environment is not clean, there are pollutants in the V groove, can lead to optical fiber image deviates from the normal welding position, cause not normally aim of fiber core, still can cause loss of welding is larger. So you need to regularly check and clean the V groove, guarantee the V groove environment clean and no dirt. The cleaning process is as follows: 1, the welding machine, open the wind cover. 2, with a blower to clean the pollutants on the V groove. 3, the use of fine cotton swabs dipped with alcohol, from the middle of the V groove, on either side to sweep light, repeated many times, until clean. 4, after alcohol dry, steam blowing dust will blow again. Note: to avoid touching the electrode tip when cleaning, do not use hard objects or overexert clean V groove, avoid damage V groove, cannot be used properly. Three electrode rod clean electrode bar for long time use, the surface adhesion on impurities, affect the discharge effect, so you need to regularly clean electrode rod. Specific operation is as follows: 1, will be closed welding electrical source. 2, the use of fine cotton swabs with alcohol wipe gently with the tip of the electrode. 3, on welding machine, the in the Equipment maintenance. Select' Dust check 】 。 4, ensure welding machines without fiber, press' 设置】 Start button, if the display shows that completes the note: in the process of cleaning electrode, don't touch the tip of the electrode with good thing, avoid damage to the electrode, the welding effect. 4 the machine clean use dedicated to welding machine clean cotton cloth, in the case of wind cover closed, will be welding machine machine clean surface dirt and grease, etc. Special parts difficult to clean, such as dust cover around the groove, clean with alcohol swab. 5 clean the presser foot part on both sides of the heating furnace, heating furnace clean it by a swab with alcohol and contact the location of the fiber. Inside the furnace body, generally use clean blower will be foreign body removal.
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