Welding machine daily maintenance and maintenance! A collection! Replacement of electrode, clean up the V groove, cutter adjustment, clean!

by:Tumtec      2020-05-22
Welding machine daily maintenance and maintenance! A collection! Replacement of electrode, clean up the V groove, cutter adjustment, clean! 1, replacing electrode first optical fiber welding machine should be shut down, and then remove the electrode chamber protective cover, loosen screw is fixed on the electrode, out on the electric pole. Then loosen the fixed under the crest of the electrode wire, remove the electrode. The installation of a new electrode order and remove the action on the contrary, require two electrode tip clearance for: 2. 6±0. 2 mm, with optical fiber and symmetry. Normally the electrode is not adjusted. In the process of replacement shall not touch the electrode tips, in case of damage, and should avoid electrode inside the machine. After replacing electrode shall be arc position calibration. Due to long-term use of welding machine, the tip of the electrode can produce sediment, the discharge, then there will be a 'hiss' sound, then needs to clean the electrode. The electrode of welding machine on a regular basis for maintenance. Electrode maintenance: the tip of the electrode is very fragile, in the process of all maintenance should not touch and with good thing, in order to avoid damage to the electrode, and lead to an unstable arc discharge, forming no consistency in quality. Maintenance electrode, we don't long for large current discharge, in order to avoid damage to the instrument instrument long-term overloaded. 2, clean the V groove welding machine core drive up and down in the direction of scale only tens of microns, the foreign body slightly makes the fiber image deviates from the normal position, form can't normal alignment. At this time should be timely clean V groove, the specific process is as follows: 1, the wind cap of welding machine. 2, open the optical fiber head and holder pressure plate. 3, with cotton rods with anhydrous alcohol wipes V groove, single direction. Note: do not use hard clean V groove or force the V groove, make the V groove misalignment, form the instrument can't normal use. 3, knife adjustment when cut quality decreased obviously, rotating knife blade to the next blade, blade used after a circle and should be timely replacement blades ( Generally each cut points can be cut 4000 times) 。 The knife should pay attention to waterproof, moistureproof. Every time after the welding, the application of alcohol wipe. To maintain the cleanness of knife. 4, cleaning and maintenance, as a kind of special welding machine, precision instruments at ordinary times should pay attention to avoid excessive vibration, also want to pay attention to waterproof, moistureproof, can put the dry agent, within the chassis and placed in dry ventilated place when not in use.
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