Welding machine maintenance characteristics and method

by:Tumtec      2020-06-20
1, the welding machine has the metal body, the rubber elastic shock absorption, shock-proof dust-proof waterproof. 2, 7 seconds fast welding, fast heating, 25 seconds with continuous heating function. 3, the built-in lithium electricity, double battery configuration, can weld 200 core. Dual power supply system, can use the car cigarette lighter power supply operation, the blade has 24, electrode can weld 5000 times, with a clean electrode can effectively prolong the service life of the electrode. 4, the Windows operating system, Chinese GUI graphical interface, multi-window display 5, fiber geometry dimension checking, ( Cutting Angle, mode field diameter, diameter, eccentricity, roundness, etc. ) 6, no reflector design, simple structure and reliable, low failure rate. Light and portable, weighs only 2. 3 kg, carry the box to table 7, image super zoom: optical magnification of 608 times, 8, super clear display screen TFT sc-reens, 32768 color, brightness automatically adjust, cant clear, humanized operation - use jig for nine new concept, welding firm clamping, operation specification 10 guide the user operation and maintenance of the navigation function graphics, with functions of screenshots, store 100 welding welding image 11, short size cutting length is 5 mm, welding all optical fiber type, also can be 80 12 um optical fiber, optical fiber fusion welding machine information conduction all USB interface can transmit data at random
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