Welding problem troubleshooting

by:Tumtec      2020-05-05
Welding problem troubleshooting welding machine troubleshooting here are some common problems and possible reasons. Not by electrofusion welding current is too low in front of the welding time is too short welding current too high welding electrode pollution before too long in front of the welding current is too high current AUTOFEED too small clearance is too large contraction too high feed speed too slow too long now before welding high gap before welding electrode pollution amplification is incorrect bubble or into the fiber end face of the contaminated error of cutting welding current too high before welding current or time too low additional welding machine are general storage solution for most of the fiber, and the user can modify these parameters, or create a new one. Please refer to the manual or consulting manufacturer is about using the welding machine with you for what you have any problem of the optical fiber installation. Test welding machine used to create the joining together of multiple cable long cable lengths. Although welding opportunities for connection loss estimates, the only way is to test it by OTDR. Since the OTDR with directional error, tests can be from two directions on the average. Generally long cascade cable by OTDR and mark, under the condition of recovery, save the document. Strip welding many of today's high fiber count cable from the optical fiber, each ribbon is commonly made 12 fiber ribbon. Break up take out all these optical fiber splicing alone can be very time consuming, so the strip welding machine, also called strip welding machine, can be a one-time joining together the ribbon, creating a Mosaic, looks like this. Ribbon fiber welding machine is similar to single fiber optical fiber welding machine work in much the same way, except in a special at the same time maintain a keep the ribbon be regarded as a component, stripping, cutting and splicing by special tools. After stripping, retainer is placed in a special cutting knife will cut all 12 fiber at a time. With all the cutting the fiber fixture is placed in the welding machine. When the preparation of the ribbon, the unit is set for automatic welding. Listed in the following proposed joint. Optical fiber welding machine repair all welding machine should be in the operating manual for maintenance requirements. In addition to the regular cleaning, they don't need to adjust the electrode and replaced periodically. In accordance with the manufacturer's service requirements.
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