What are the kinds of welding machines?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-17
What are the kinds of welding machines? Q: what are the kinds of welding machines? A: optical fiber welding machine commonly used mainly divided into the single core and banded two types. Single core optical fiber, as the name implies, a single a optical fiber; And strip is several or even dozens of single core fiber through a belt, into a ribbon of optical fiber. For example, colorful - our company A6 is single core welding machine, can weld single-mode model more kinds of dispersion optical fiber and so on many kinds of optical fiber; Welding fiber distinguishes two kinds of different fiber wire welding method, welding principle is the same. In a single core optical fiber, for example. In the main fuse plug in, multiple small fuse contact finally together into one big loss, the convergence in the welding machine in the welding result is bad is more obvious. And the welding speed, CCD display effect, overall wear resistance, welding machines made in China these aspects cannot be compared with the imported.
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