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What Are The Parameters Of Fiber Optic Splicing Machine? What Does It Do?


How to choose optical fiber splicing machine? Although we have mentioned before, we have not analyzed the parameters of the optical fiber splicing machine. Today, we will have a detailed understanding of how to choose the optical fiber splicing machine.

With the arrival of FTTH and 5G , all countries around the world began to lay optical fiber, which also gave birth to a batch of optical fiber splicing project team, may just contact the industry when still do not know how to choose optical fiber splicing machine, optical fiber splicing machine parameters are what have what role?

First:Parameters of optical fiber splicing machine

To choose fiber optic splicing machine, first of all to understand the parameters of fiber optic splicing machine.


1、Suitable for optical fiber core number: generally single core, most of the market is a single-core splicing machine, that is, only one fiber; The other is band optical fiber splicing machine, this kind of splicing function at the same time, band optical fiber splicing machine can fuse at most 12 cores at the same time.


2、Splicing time: splicing time refers to the time during which the optical fiber splicing machine promotes alignment and discharges splicing after putting the optical fiber into the optical fiber splicing machine; The shorter the splicing time, the better.

For example:

It's like an hour, five minutes at a time, you can only fuse 12 cores; Others fuse one minute at a time, one hour can dissolve 60 cores. At present, the fusing time on the market is within 10 minutes.

Do not see fuse connect time is not important, this is concerned with your workload directly, namely income is concerned, others can fuse 300 core one day, you can fuse 200 core one day only, the effect is reduced, and optical fiber is to collect fees by fuse connect core number commonly, one day's workload decided one day's income.

When the workload is relatively large, the time advantage of optical fiber splicing machine will play out.

Once there was a project manager in our customer who had a project of 50,000 core splicing, which needed to be finished within three months. It was difficult to finish without a good splicing machine.

3、Heating time: the heat-shrinkable tube shall be used for protection after the completion of fiber fusion, and the heat-shrinkable tube shall be heated after it covers the splicing point. The shorter the time, the better. At present, the splicing machine is about 20 seconds. The weather is cold, heating time is long, splicing machine splicing core number is less, which is not surprising in winter.

4、Splicing loss: it is known that optical fiber is used for optical signal propagation, and there will be loss in the signal after splicing of splicing points. At present, the splicing loss of splicing machines in the market is about 0.02db.

5、Battery power supply: the larger the battery capacity, the longer the time to charge, just like the phone's battery capacity.

For example:

TUMTEC splicing machine battery capacity is generally 6800mAh, full electric splicing core is about 200 core, ultra-durable.

6、Operating environment: such as altitude, temperature, etc.; How is in special areas such as very cold places, because the optical fiber splicing machine is to discharge, so we have to consider the temperature, altitude; The larger the range of support, the better the machine.


7、The life of the machine: if it is the life of splicing machine, normal splicing, domestic splicing function with 3 years, import can use five years, an average of 150 a day splicing, an average of 200 working days a year, a splicing machine is estimated to be able to weld 80,000-120,000 core. Usually pay attention to half a year to do some maintenance.


8、Optical fiber amplification factor: this parameter can be used as a reference for the function of an optical fiber splicing machine. The larger the amplification factor is, the more accurate the optical fiber splicing machine is likely to be, and the lower the loss will be.

For example, the parameters of a fiber melting machine are as follows:

And you can see that the parameters are pretty good.

Second: Brand of optical fiber splicing machine

The choice of optical fiber splicing machine in addition to see the parameters, also want to see the brand, the basic way is, first look at the brand, after determining the brand, and then in the brand according to the parameters of the appropriate splicing model number.

Let's see, what are the mainstream splicing machine in the market? We did a poll on this before.

Tumtec, Nanjing jilong, Nanjing DVP, Japan Fujiakura, Shenzhen Ruiyan, Japan Sumitomo, CLP 41, Korea Inno, Dark Horse, Zhuoshi, Japan kohe,

Basically, we use the most splicing machine brand, the other brands listed splicing machine is also good, we can choose according to the budget for their own splicing machine.

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