What honors has Tumtec obtained?
Foshan Tumtec Communication Tech. Co., Ltd obtains relevant international certificates and qualifications. Since inception, we have been certified by the relevant international institutions to bring the motivation to make sure the process approach and continuous improvement of top management. All of our products have passed rigorous testing, helping us to win many standardized qualifications both domestically and internationally.

Tumtec devotes itself to the manufacturing and research and development of fiber cleaver. Tumtec focuses on providing a variety of fiber cleaver for customers. The product has never failed customers in terms of quality, performance, practicality, etc. The product is optimized for use under severe weather conditions. For manufacturers, the product brings about enormous economic benefits, because it helps improve productivity and cut expenditure on labor. The product has the advantage of easy replacement and installation in different environments.

Tumtec is willing to lead each client to the success of this fiber splicing machine company. Get quote!
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