What is optical fiber welding?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-08
What is optical fiber welding? Two optical fiber optical fiber splicing is permanent together. Unlike optical fiber connector, fiber optic connectors designed for use in cross connection or easily reconfigured distribution frame. There are two types of fiber splicing - Mechanical splicing and fusion splicing. Mechanical splicing will not physically two optical fusion together, instead of two optical fibers by some mechanical agencies stay within a sleeve. The insertion loss and mechanical joint back reflection than fusion splicing ( We here is the second) To bad. Mechanical joint is mainly used for emergency repair and fiber optic test. Here you can see some mechanical joint products. The second category of stitching is referred to as fusion splicing. In welding, arc welding (two optical Fusion) At the same time. Fusion splicing is the most widely used method of joining together, because it provides low insertion loss, and almost no back reflection. Fusion splicing provides the most reliable connection between two optical fibers. Welding by a known as the welding machine ( Optical fiber welding machine) The automaton.
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