What is optical fiber welding, welding

by:Tumtec      2020-04-29
What is optical fiber welding, welding. Optical fiber welding are electric arc welding together the end of two optical technology; Arc is accurately applied to the scattering or reflected light through the optical fiber transmission way of joining together of two kinds of fibers together. Which makes it is surrounded by strong or stronger than the original fiber connector and regions; This is usually a three stage process. A, cutting fiber welding process needs on both ends of the optical fiber is properly cleaned and preparation. The first step is stripped from the two fiber ends all of the protective coating, then the optical fiber must be clean with no velveteen wipes and isopropyl alcohol, until they are clean. After that, the next step is to cut fiber, this is the effect of cutting the end of the fiber, so that the face is completely flat, it requires a special tool called a cutting knife. Welding machine should be two fixtures and cutting tools. Stripping is removed in preparation around the protection of the fiber welding behavior of polymer coating. Started in the preparation of two optical fiber fusion splicing process, which requires all of the protective coating is removed or from each end of the end of the fiber stripping. Favourite tricks to clean bare fiber is to use alcohol and rags. However, the high purity of isopropanol ( 异丙醇) Water itself is hygroscopic, it attracts. This is a problem of IPA in saturated wiper format or ( Host) Whether purchasing container ranging the quart gallon drum. From the host of the container of IPA move to smaller more practical container. Hygroscopic property of IPA, in 99. 9% of the highest quality and most moisture absorption. This means that the moisture absorption to two main container, as well as the actual user of the container and the container is opened, and continue as measured from the two transfer and remove the time to start. By ITW Chemtronics laboratory research pointed out that in 2003, 99. 9% of the IPA began to absorb water (15 minutes In the 72 ° F and 65% relative humidity) 。 Because there are no rules to prevent this, IPA this unique qualities that make it than chemicals, such as HFE - based 7100 products or hydrocarbon precision is not very ideal. Based on qualified water-based cleaning agent are being done to work for this application. Then score fiber cutting using on-off method, makes the end face is completely flat and perpendicular to the fiber axis. The quality of each optical fiber end is using microscopy. In welding, welding loss Angle and two direct function of the quality of the optical fiber end face. The closer it gets to the cutting Angle of 90 degrees for joining together to produce low optical loss. You are using the quality of the cutting tool is very important. Second, welding and then two kinds of optical fiber in welding machine, towards each other, where they become visible, enlarge the screen orientation. Optical fiber is automatically precise alignment, and then through the arc, where they are gently melting and permanent total joint purchase together. Best quality of the welding machine to make the filling of the fiber alignment, cheaper on the external package only. Third, the set of heat shrinkable tube, heat now connect optical fiber and then on to perform the inside case ( Heat shrinkable protection casing) , which made from bending and seal it against the protection of optical fiber element. The welding protection is sealed, on heating furnace. Most of the welding machine are in the design of heating furnace. Optical fiber welding machine speed and small size makes welding two popular methods of optical fiber cable. Replace welding including the use of optical fiber connector or mechanical joint both has high insertion loss, low reliability and higher return loss than welding.
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