What issues should be paid attention to safe use of optical fiber welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-04-19
What matters should be paid attention to safe use of optical fiber welding machine with optical fiber household and 5 g arrival as is commonly used in infrastructure construction of optical fiber welding machine used more widely, the matters needing attention are as follows. 1, optical fiber welding machine at home and abroad, the input voltage is specified, please do not use the voltage regulation is not consistent, it will damage the welding machine battery, or cause a fire, etc. Ac power voltage basic in 100 - at home and abroad 240V。 2, in charge is applied with a ground socket, so as to avoid electric shock. 3, do not use liquid or other material into the machine, if there is water or material into the machine should be timely and break the power or unplug battery, use hair dryer dry boot, if there is a problem not to break up the machine, should be timely repairs. 4, the welding process of welding machine to arc discharge, so don't use near flammable gases. 5, please don't use hand to touch the heating tank, should use the form a complete set of clamps, replacing electrode rods is also should turn off the power supply, lest cause burns and electrical injury. 6, a smoke machine fault is or repairing in time. 7, each welding machine is equipped with a dedicated charger, do not use other adapter, use other charger, can cause excessive current or charging battery leakage, fever, fracture risk. 8, battery cannot be modified and break up. Also change when the charge in accordance with the stipulated time, as a stop charging, if feel during charging the battery or the charger has a fever or other anomaly, please stop charging. Battery leakage, discoloration, deformation, fever or other abnormal situations, do not use. 9, welding machine should cover when using wind cover, and avoid dust bigger place. 10, alcohol on alcohol in a bottle, appropriate disposal. 11 should be cleaned with alcohol, cleaning machine, cut every time cleaning is alcohol cotton don't stick too much alcohol, do not use other drugs. 12, welding machine is equipped with a dedicated storage box, it can prevent shock, protect. 13, optical fiber welding machine in operation or not should be careful not to fall, it might cause machine damage, destroy, or welding quality is bad.
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