What kind of optical fiber link in the connection are there? Detection is divided into several forms?

by:Tumtec      2020-05-20
What kind of optical fiber link in the connection are there? Detection is divided into several forms? Optical fiber connection basically has the following several ways: A, the linkage between the fiber optic cable: methods mainly include sex, emergency cohesion, sports cohesion forever. 一个。 Optical fiber cohesion (forever Also called hot melt) : this is the class cohesion by discharge to the roots the melt point and cohesion of the fiber. Commonly used in long distance, or half forever forever strong cohesion. Its important characteristics is joining the attenuation of all the way to the lowest, the model value is 0. 01 ~ 0. 3 db/points. But cohesion, the necessary special equipment ( Optical fiber welding machine) And professionals, but also necessary transition dedicated container protected. b。 Cohesion: sport cohesion is the use of all kinds of optical fiber cohesion devices ( Plugs and sockets) , the site with sites or sites with fiber optic cable a way to link up. This kind of method is flexible, simple, convenient, reliable, multi-purpose in building computer network wiring. The attenuation of model 1 db/connectors. c。 Emergency cohesion ( Also called) Cold fusion: emergency cohesion is important with mechanical and chemical methods, will be strong and bonding together two optical fibers. Such measures are the important features of cohesion is quickly good, bridging model attenuation of 0. 1 to 0. 3 db/points. But join point of use for a long time will be unstable, attenuation will also increase, so should be urgent need only a short time. Optical fiber line detection is mainly in the following several ways: optical fiber detection is guaranteeing the quality of the system of cohesion, of the primary goals of cut wrong with optical fiber to identify the status and problems of the fault point. Many detection method, the important is divided into artificial short simple measurement and precision instrument measurement. 一个。 Precision instrument measurement, optical power meter or optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) End of the fiber optic quantitative measurement, can measure the attenuation of the fiber attenuation and discussion, also can measure the breakpoint status of optical fiber. This kind of measurement can be used for quantitative analysis of the optical fiber to collect because of the trouble reason and end of the optical fiber to collect the product evaluation. b。 Artificial short simple measurement: this kind of method for the rapid detection of optical fiber as usual on and off and construction when used to determine the optical fiber. It is with a brief pure light from one end of the optical fiber into visible light, which roots from the other end see light. This kind of way is light, but it means less quantitative measure the attenuation of optical fiber and optical fiber breakpoints.
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