What kind of welding machine is suitable of you?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-04
What kind of welding machine is suitable of you? Optical fiber welding machine for communications engineering personnel, is to use one of the important equipment of a day. As the saying goes, a good horse matchs good saddle, a handy device allows you to work every day is full of joy. Stable performance, smooth speed, the lowest loss is crucial. How to choose to suit your optical fiber welding machine, need from the following several aspects to consider. First, the welding type single core fiber? Skin line? The tail fiber? Or both? At present, there are some welding machine fixture can only support single core optical fiber, need careful consideration for clients involved in FTTH. Maybe you have such experience: welding or tail fiber leather line need to change the corresponding fixture, you need to put many fixtures properly in a box, depending on the type of optical fiber welding replacement. You will desire to have a triad of fixture, without replacement can also apply to all optical fiber. The second: fiber alignment methods fiber alignment methods, fiber core alignment or cladding alignment. A more professional, sound simply means when fiber connection point on what is the reference. If you see the fiber core is very fine, the aim must be clad, such models, suitable for short distance of FTTH. Third: the battery capacity in the outdoor welding, you need to consider the range of welding machine. When you climbed mountains, trek to fuse contact, if your device battery run out soon, you can only hope machine hearts sigh. Not charge once welding machine, can melt to nearly 200. Fourth: price a customer once said that such a feeling. Buying a good set of equipment, only in the moment of payment is love dearly, later every day happy comfortable; When buying a set of low-cost equipment, only better payment, then every day is very concern. At present some of the equipment price is misshapen, and constantly excuses to exchange rate changes to raise prices. In fact, good cost performance is really good. Fifth: the cost of using a set of welding equipment, is in use process need replacing electrode stick, cutting knife blades. Change 3 times a year, according to the electrode, one blade calculation, the cost should not be neglected. If the device accidentally broke, if can run thousands of parts cost, really love dearly.
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