Why fiber welding machines for cleaning and maintenance?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-20
Why fiber welding machines for cleaning and maintenance? Optical fiber welding machine is mainly used in optical communication optical cable construction and maintenance of the environment is bad, the dust is more. General principle is to use the high pressure arc welding machine to two fiber cross section of melting at the same time let two optical fibers with high precision motion gently push merge into one, in order to realize the optical fiber mode field coupling. Is a precision instrument, so it is necessary for cleaning and maintenance. A6S optical fiber welding machine cleaning and there are mainly four aspects: 1, clean the V groove, 2, clean the fiber fixture, 3, clean the camera lens, 4, cleaning rod electrode maintenance basically has the following several aspects: 1, electrical calibration, 2, is focused on the adjustment, 3, stable electrode, 4, discharge correction.
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